If you’re new to business and you’ve heard copy is kind of a big deal… you’re not wrong!  

However, not everyone has the cash to splash on done for you copy,
so this Copy Hour is a perfect antidote for you.

Copy Hour is for…



If you want to strategise and plan your launch email sequence (or your welcome and nurture sequence) as well as figure out how it all fits together with tagging and implementing into your email system, then this is for you.



If you have no clue how to get started on writing your own website copy and keep going round in circles saying things like ‘live your best life’ and ditching it because it sounds just like everyone else on the internet - then I’ve got you covered.


Copy Hour is Exactly What it Says…

A one hour strategy session with me to
hone in on your email strategy or website copy. 

Before we meet - you get a deep dive survey to dig into your business so that we hit the ground running in our online meeting. Then on our call via Zoom, we excavate your answers and find themes, hooks and ideas to use in your website copy, or strategies to make the sale through emails that sell with integrity.

We’ll get as much done as we can in that one hour.

But it doesn’t end there… 

You get guides to help you craft your emails or website copy and IF you can come back to me in 1 week with a google doc of what you’ve managed to create, we can have a complimentary 30 minute review to tweak, tighten and nail your copy so it speaks to your ideal clients like a dream.

This is not a marketing tactic - this is my secret ploy to get you into action and implement what we’ve uncovered in our time together. Once the week is up… if you haven’t got your copy to me, it’s a strike out.  Take advantage of this extra 30 minutes by getting off your ass and creating some damn good copy.

Get ready for a jump start on perfecting your email or website copy!


Copy Hour

(inclusive of extensive questionnaire and guides)
PLUS follow up 30 minutes...
but only IF you complete your assignments within the week
OPTION 1: Emails strategies and sequences
OPTION 2: Website copy party




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Investment $347