The Ultimate Email Checklist

Your cheat sheet to green light your email before you hit send

(No more embarrassing “oops” moments!)


    The email popped into my inbox…

    “Your link doesn’t work…”

    I felt like a fraud, an idiot, an amateur!

    I’d painstakingly set up my email sequence for my program launch (back when I was coaching) and somehow, in the chaos of all things ‘launch’, my link went to a 404 page.

    Not that it mattered too much since I only had a list of about 150 subscribers and only 1 person ended up signing up for my program anyway (you see why I quit coaching?).

    But after that, I always got a little butterfly in my belly right before I hit send on any email - because a million questions flooded my head...

    + Do the links all work?
    + Am I waffling?
    + Have I integrated the personalisation tag properly?

    These questions are enough to put a massive block of resistance on consistently sending emails to your audience to get your message and offers out into the world. But what if you could confidently hit send knowing that your email is on point and as perfect as it can be?

    What if you had subscribers replying with…

    “It’s like you’re in my head!” and …

    “I love your emails, I feel like we know each other already”

    Rather than…

    “Hey, my name’s Sydney not ‘firstname’ - buh-bye now” …?

    Email Checklist graphic.png

    That’s why I created the
    Ultimate Email Checklist.

    An easy and quick, keep-at-hand list you should double-check before hitting send to save you any embarrassing ‘oops’ moments!

    No more worrying about getting it right, making a mistake or looking like a fool (like me)!

    Once you have my checklist you will be able to wow your subscribers with emails that confidently position you as an expert in your field and obliterate any resistance you have about consistently emailing your audience!

    To grab your checklist, and ascend to email nirvana,
    add your details below.


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