Hi I’m Sarah.

For years I struggled as a poor, jobbing actress. That is, until I’d had enough of the cut throat industry and left with a dramatic exit stage left.

When I found copywriting, I realised that I could use my acting training to identify prospects core motivations, tap their emotional triggers, and 'nail' the voice of the experts I represent in the copy - just as I did with the characters I played.

 Now I help entrepreneurs and business owners, like you, create emails that not only sell more of your products and services, but do so without ever compromising your authenticity or integrity.


Let me help you…


…move your clients and customers to action with the science of persuasion and a little bit of method acting!


You’re so passionate about what you do and sell

BUT it can be difficult to convey that to the people that matter (hint: your prospects) - especially when you’re fumbling for the right words.

And so far, the results speak for themselves...

* Your emails go unopened

* Your sales pages are left to gather dust

* And your soul dies a little more each day as your offers are passed over for other things that grab your customers attention. Things you KNOW are not nearly as good as what you offer.

But don’t worry!  I’ve got your back.

By using the power of emails and my skills as a method actor copywriter
we’ll have your offers selling like hotcakes! 


 When you work with me, you get…

  • Emails that build know, like and trust on autopilot so you have a stream of clients and customers waiting to buy.

  • Sales copy, minus the sleaze, that communicates the benefits of what you have to offer without selling your soul to the ‘internet marketing devil’.

  • An attention to detail with someone you can trust to work to deadlines without the fear of your copywriter going AWOL.

  • On point copy that reads your potential clients minds and gets them clicking the button to work with you or buy your products.

  • Clear communication for all stages of our work together so you’re never left wondering what the hell is going on or when you might expect delivery of your copy.

  • A savvy and organised copywriter who is always one step ahead, suggesting solutions to problems not yet encountered and always keeping the customer journey and experience front and centre.

  • Expert conversion coaching through emails that guide your clients and customers on a journey through your brand and the transformation awaiting them when they say yes.


Why me?

+ I’ve written emails that have had over 50% click through rate and more than 76% open rate 

+ I’m a graduate of John Carlton’s Simple Writing System, having been personally coached by the man himself

+ I’m certified in Email Marketing, Customer Acquisition and Direct Response Copywriting

+ I’m an alumni of Abbey Woodcock’s Codex Persona workshop, which means I’ll learn your voice inside out - and provide the documents to prove it! Ask me about creating your Voice Style Guide through my contact form.

+ I’ve also been published on sites like The Huffington Post, Addicted 2 Success, YFS Magazine and Tiny Buddha

+ And as a bonus, I’m a tech and systems geek (no online platform intimidates me!) so your hot new emails are implemented without a hitch.

Credentials 2.0.png

If you’re ready to work with someone who believes in your mission and you want emails that sell more of your products or services whilst keeping your integrity intact, see how I can help you by clicking the button below!


Want to know more about me?


A few random things…

  • I believe in universal kindness - towards all living beings and to mother nature.  I’m a vegetarian with the hope of going vegan, I embrace natural products and ways of living and I try my best to minimise my waste to ensure a future for our planet. This is why I’m so passionate about the natural health and wellness industry. I see the possibilities in healing and helping people whilst also minimising our impact on our environment. If my words can contribute to this social movement then I know I’m making a difference. 

  • I’m also a trained Breastfeeding Peer Supporter and raise my kids in a ‘natural-mamma’ kind of way - cloth nappies, baby wearing (carrying baby in a wrap/sling), baby led weaning - although they’re way past that stage now, I continue to nurture them in the same way!

  • I once worked as a croupier and I love a game of Texas Hold’Em Poker - but beware I am highly competitive!

  • I am a self-certified movie geek (a sci-fi AND blow em up, action thrill seeking kind of movie geek).  I have quite happily gone to the flicks by myself to sit and watch several films back-to-back (this was before I had kids and actually had SPARE time!).

  • I backpacked around the world solo for six months just before I turned 30. I visited India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands and the States. Can you guess which was my favourite place?

  • I love Lego - perhaps even more than my kids!

  • In my spare time I like to pole dance - check my Instagram for the rare update of the new moves I make
    (and yes, my legs really are that long).


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