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Hi, I’m Sarah - Email copywriter for health and wellness ecommerce brands, with a passion for natural living and sustainability.


I’m an actress turned copywriter who uses your prospects emotional triggers and core motivations to sell your products and services, whilst keeping your integrity intact.

In this industry we are in business to make people’s lives better (and to change the world!) so if your product or service is ethical and gets results then you need to SELL IT! And the words you use to sell matters.

People love to buy but they hate being ‘sold’... and your potential clients and customers can smell a sales pitch a mile off.

Their defences go up, they think they’re being fooled and in a puff of smoke, you’ve lost them. Trust has left the building.


Shivan Sarna - Founder:
Chronic Condition Rescue, LLC

Sarah was an answered prayer. She instantly “got” what I was trying to accomplish and the job was amazing. I’ll absolutely use her brilliance again! She is an incredible talent!


Selling doesn’t have to be sleazy.

You need words that connect and build trust to sell your products and services

- because their lives will be transformed by what you have to offer!

And there’s no better way to get in their heads, and be front of mind when they are ready take to action, than through their inbox.

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Chrissa Benson - Physical Kitchness

Sarah is not only extremely thorough and quick, but relatable. She 'got' me and I felt more comfortable conveying my story and the copy provided was much more in line with the direction I wanted to go - she even helped me prep for a VSL that I have no experience doing! Sarah is top-notch, timely, and understands the delicate balance of storytelling and sales.


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