How to Create a Landing Page in Google Docs

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How to Create a Landing Page in Google Docs

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When you’re starting out in business - it can be overwhelming with all the things you need to set up. Plus bootstrapping might have to be your thing until you start making revenue.  Whatever the case one of the things you might think you need is ‘ I need a website’.

But one of the things that can hold us back is overthinking things. So I like to keep it simple.  And today I’m going to show you the one and only thing you really need to get started and that’s a landing page with some information on what you do so that you’re not constantly fielding emails or writing out the same flipping thing over and over as you get enquiries.

Now you can create landing pages on a website as your first page, but if you don’t want to deal with the headaches of setting up all that tech you can just use a Google doc that you share with people.  Also if you have a domain name already purchased you can also redirect your URL to the shared google doc.

Even if you have an established business and a fully functioning website - this is a quick and easy solution if you want to get an offer out there right away.

So I’m gonna just quickly show you how to set up a landing page in Google docs

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