The 9 Aspects of Your Brand Message

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The 9 Aspects of Your Brand Message

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In this noisy online world, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd.  We want to be seen, heard and noticed so that our business makes money and does some good in this world.

But how do you do this?

One of the essential elements to all marketing is messaging.

Unfortunately as things get more woo-woo online, messaging has become a bit of a behemoth of a topic (not to mention a little foggy) where everyone is shouting from the virtual hilltops…

‘What’s your message? What’s your message?’

But the thing is, there are several different approaches to defining a marketing message.

So the question to start with is…

What is a brand or marketing message?

Messaging is all about what you want your readers, clients, and customers to take away from any interaction with your brand.

What do you want to be remembered for and known for?

The purpose of a message is to ‘sell’ them on the idea of what you do - which we intend to result in a sale.

Messaging can be unique to a product or service but it also has an overarching goal of being about your brand as a whole.

There are two things to look at when it comes to messaging…

From the point of view of your client or customer and from your point of view.

From Your Customers Side of The Fence

So let’s start with the elements to consider for their point of view, or from their side of the fence , meaning…

What’s in it for them?

There are 5 things we need to identify…

Who they are.

Your target market can be as broad or niched as you like. Niching is advised because it means you can really target a subsection of people well, but it’s not necessary as long as you know who exactly you’re targeting.

What problem they have

Now not all products or services sold have life or death problems, but underneath the hood of how people think is a desire for something different from what they have - whether that’s to do with a ‘BIG’ problem or a just nice-to-have.  

The solution to the problem.

What is it that you do that fills the gap between the now and the future.  This doesn’t have to be a life transforming solution it can be simply a moment of happiness, or a need satisfied.

Why it’s different

Most likely if someone has a problem they have either tried to solve the problem another way or they’ve buried their heads in the sand ignoring their problem.  You need to show your clients and customers that what you offer is different and why it’s the best choice for them. This may include a specialised approach or method you have towards what you do.

Proof that it works

Show how your product or service has helped others through case studies and testimonials. This is to counter objection

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    From Your Side of The Fence

    From your standpoint in terms of messaging. This is more of an overarching brand message, so you need to consider these 4 things…

    What do you stand for?

    What position do you take in regards to your market or niche.  What opinion do you have about how things are currently done, and what’s your point of view on what needs to happen.

    What is your mission?

    What tangible things do you want to achieve as it relates to what you stand for. What are you actively doing in terms of your business operations that will make an impact or change do you want to see through providing your products or services.

    Why does this matter to you?

    Your why or purpose should be at the core of your message. This will most likely be bound in a story of how your business started and why, but it’s also tied to your mission.

    What are the core values guiding your business?

    These are the principles that guide your business and how you interact with your readers, clients and customers. Your core values can be the pillars by which you measure your progress and impact.

    While these aspects above (from your side of the fence) may be about you, it establishes your position in the market and will naturally help your customers self select your products or services based not only what’s in it for them but also because they resonate with your purpose, mission and core values.

    Both sides of the fence are important to remember when considering your brand and marketing message.

    If you’d like help clarifying your message, download the worksheet below to help you figure out the 9 aspects of your messaging. 

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