How To Add A ConvertKit Signup Form To Squarespace

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How To Add A ConvertKit Signup Form To Squarespace

…plus all the extra bits you might forget!

Today I’m going to show you how to add a ConvertKit sign up form to your Squarespace website!

It’s not just as simple as grabbing your code and embedding it in your site!  Well, actually it is, but if you want to do it right, there are quite a few steps you NEED to consider so that your customer journey through the process is smooth as silk and each step is ‘on brand’ for you.

Here’s what you’ll need before getting started in ConvertKit…

  1. Landing page to embed your code

  2. Thank you page to say thanks for signing up and go check your email

  3. A confirmation of subscription page - if you operate a double opt-in (which is a way to make sure you subscriber really wants what they requested and someone is not playing a joke on their mate by adding their friends email to every subscribe box they find) .

  4. Link to the thing they are getting

So let’s assume you’ve created those pages - make sure you’ve got the links to those handy.

This training covers:

  • How to change the colour of the buttons to be 'on-brand'

  • Adding relevant links to the incentive email settings so your customer has a consistent 'top-notch' user experience

  • What code to use to embed in Squarespace so that it actually works!

  • How to remove the ConvertKit 'label' on the sign up form

  • How and why to use a double-opt-in - plus wtf it is

  • How to add subscribers without using double-opt-in and how to set up the automation and rule so they get what they signed up for

Now let’s create a signup form and get it all implemented.

I show you two ways to do this -

1. Using a double opt-in, AKA an incentive email
[Video time code: 2m 45s]

2. Using an automatic subscribe with automated delivery email
[Video time code: 10m 47s]

So let’s get into it! the video for the tutorial below…

Once all this is done, make sure you test it all out so that all the moving pieces work correctly!

And to make sure all your emails are set up correctly….


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