The One Thing Every Piece of Copy Needs


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The One Thing Every Piece Of Copy Needs

…and it’s not what you think

Today I’m going to read your mind.  I know what you think I’m going to say when I ask - what’s the one thing every piece of copy needs.

Hold it in your mind - because I can guarantee I know what you’re thinking, but it’s the wrong answer.

Copywriting is a pretty big deal.  And it can take some time, testing and patience to understand the nuances behind writing winning sales copy that turns readers into buyers.

However today I want to give you a simple tip about copywriting.

There’s ONE thing that every piece of copy you write, NEEDS - whether it’s a web page, an email or a script!

So here’s my best Derren Brown impression…. You’re thinking… a CTA! A CTA! (that’s a call-to-action if you’re new around here).

Am I right?

That’s what you’re thinking but that’s not what this video is about.

Yes you should have a CTA in every piece of copy however this ONE thing is the thing behind the CTA.

Are you ready?

It’s the ‘purpose’.  

The reason.

The ‘why’ of why you’re writing what you’re writing!

You’ve got to know how the thing you’re writing fits into the grand scheme of things.  It’s not just to get your reader to hit subscribe, Click a link, or share an article. Know why you want them to do this so that it fits your overall strategy.  

That way whatever you’re writing becomes part of a chain of events like dominoes falling.  A small ripple in a pond that has far reaching results.

Okay, enough of the analogies.

So as you’re writing your copy - think ‘what is the purpose of this copy?’

Is it to position yourself as an expert, to build trust, to teach something that does both?  The call to action is your request or the next step your reader takes. Your purpose is your reason why - it’s the foundation of your CTA.

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