Why Email Marketing?

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Why Email Marketing?

Learn the power of email and why you should be using it in your business!

Email marketing is THE best way to have the ear of your prospect.  

Once you have their email address, you have a mainline into their psyche. 

(To learn more about how to set up an opt-in to get people’s emails address, go here >> How to Create An Opt-In)

You now have a seat at their table (or a place in their inbox) but grabbing their attention and ‘training’ them to open your emails is a skill that must be mastered because you have something they need... 

  • You show up when times are hard.

  • You show up just when they think they can’t do it anymore

  • You show up just at the right time for them to say yes to themselves and make the decision to change their life.

Because that’s all it is - educating and coaching them around a decision, and inspiring them to MAKE a decision.

The best way to do this is with an email sequence that your subscriber automatically receives after opting in for your lead magnet.

But it’s not just about slinging a few emails together, there’s a careful process of coaching your potential clients, disassembling their objections and beliefs so that you can frame your services as the solution to their problem.

It takes research, curious questions and the curation of a voice that not only represents YOU in copy, but also connects with your ideal client.

Emails are my favourite way of creating this connection because it’s intimate.  It’s like sitting down in a bar next to your best friend and asking them how their day went.  

Emails are your direct line into your potential clients thoughts so you are top of mind when they are struggling with the things that you help them achieve.

Emails are where you can get really authentic, be vulnerable and open up so your dream clients see themselves in you and want to work with you - because friends want to work with friends - not strangers.

But isn’t email meant to be dead?

Have you heard that ‘email marketing’ is dead?  It’s like one of those urban myths that strikes fear into your heart, but just because people are spreading the rumours, it doesn’t mean it’s true.

Every single marketer has their own strategy in how they can help you get clients but what do all of them do?  They ask for your email. So they can keep in touch with you and sell you their stuff.

I’m not saying other marketing strategies aren’t worth it - you have to test and find what works for you - but to believe that email is dead is like believing the Earth is flat! (please tell me you don’t believe that?... phew!). Especially since they all use email marketing.


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    In fact, if you don’t believe me, here’s what others have to say…


    Mariah Coz is the founder of Femtrepreneur…  

    She’s built multiple businesses, selling online courses in a variety of niches and she now teaches other online business owners how to create and launch their own course.

    When it comes to email marketing Mariah says this…

    "Email was a major part of her strategy when she launched Launch Your Signature Course which resulted in nearly half a million dollars in sales!"

    And what about our internet famous Marie Forleo….

    If you’ve not heard of Marie before, then you must have only just fallen down this rabbit hole known as the internet.  She’s a savvy, New Yorker who has built one of the most well known, leading online business courses, know as B-School and continues to dominate the internet with her incredible online show Marie TV.

    Every year in February, people’s inboxes are flooded with emails about joining B-School through affiliates that promote her course.  It practically shuts down all the email systems because so many people want to tell their audience about the benefits of joining B-School through their link.  

    It’s the time when everyone considering B-School goes on a hunt for the best bonuses they can find - because affiliates get a generous 50% of the sign up fee so they add their own bonuses to entice people to sign up through THEIR link.  

    But… the point is, This would not be possible without using email marketing.  In fact Marie has written a post here about ‘The Number 1 Marketing Strategy Almost Everyone Overlooks’ - hint: it’s email!

    And let’s not forget Maria Veloso...

    Director of Web Copywriting University and author of Web Copy That Sells.  She is known as the ‘killer copywriter’ and it has been said that she’s ‘simply the best web copywriter on the internet today’.

    In her book she states…

    "Most online entrepreneurs overlook the significance of email and as a results they write emails haphazardly, almost as an afterthought. They regard email as something that support the objectives of the website, or as a vehicle for customer service… In other words, they regard emails as a low cost, inconsequential accessory to their web presence...While email can and does make a fine supporting actor, used properly it can assume a starring role as the primary sales tool."


    So no, email is most certainly not dead and if you’re not harnessing the power of email marketing, you’re missing a trick.

    If you’re ready to have an email sequence that get’s you clients and customers on autopilot - see how you can work with me here. Or you can…


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